Robert Jackson

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"I live a simple life in my studio home and paint these studies in time from where I am at.   Art or life  ( much the same to  me)  were  journeys to find meaning until I realized that the journey was the meaning.   Along the way I let go of some paths... you have some examples here.

My background in school, in the forest, in the city, etc. is, though perhaps interesting, is too tediously long and varied to delve into.  Along the way  I earned an MFA, worked in the theater, etc.. etc...  I have used mediums such as clay, bronze sculpture, and etching.  I have painted abstractly and in several  other ways, as well as worked with artists such as Carl Holty, among others.  Presently, I am working in oils, acrylic, and mixed media drawing.

These paintings take time.  My paintings are not a style, they are a process.  I hope you can enjoy them... and if you wish to contact me, there is an email address either way.   (Peace)