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 Ann Adamek


The Kentucky Watercolor Society: find out about becoming a member of this nationally known organization.

Judith Egerton 's beautiful  paintings reflect her sensitivity to the
"organic and spontaneous" nature of watercolor.

"Helen Merrick is an artist with an amazing, uplifting outlook on life and art, who was born and raised in beautiful Kentucky. Helen manages to blend her passion, sensitivity, and superb talent in an always evolving, creative format that uses a variety of subjects, moods, and medium."
Patricia Ritter of Kettle, KY seeks to have her art vibrate with the beauty and wonder she sees in the world.  Filled with color, strong light and shadows, her watercolors, pastels and photography have received numerous awards - visit http://www.artmusic.net/ to see her work. 

Laree Alexander, of Bardstown, KY, is a self-taught artist of many mediums, including, but not limited to, pen and ink, watercolor, makeup, body painting and henna, digital art, photo-manipulation, flash animations, vector art, and even corporate and small business logo design. Her work is vibrant, colorful, original and bold, and crossing many spectrums of subject matter. Visit http://LareeAlexander.daportfolio.com to see her portfolio or simply google TOOLAREE to find me on your favorite networking or art site!