11 Steps to Making Original Gel Candles

"It is better to light just one little candle than to stumble in the dark", this is one of the oldest children songs we usually hear about candles. Candles are quite a common thing, but what are they for?

Candles have had different purposes and uses throughout all of history. For a long time they were essential items needed for religious purposes and spirituality. Churches, temples and places of worship would be full of candles, as indeed this can still be seen nowadays. Candles are most commonly used on birthdays to decorate cakes.

Nowadays candles make party of a booming industry, and this can especially said for gel candles, which are very popular and mostly used. But what makes gel candles so popular and used? Since it is made of mostly mineral oil and plastic polymer, gel candles last a long time and are actually also very easy to make at home. Gel candle making at home has become a very popular hobby since it is fun, inexpensive and easy to do!

But how does one make gel candles? Follow the following simple eleven steps to quick gel making:

1. Choose a container to hold the candle you have in mind. It is important to make sure this container is non-flammable of course! If possible, the best option would be a glass container.

2. The wick needs to be about 1.5 inches from the sides. One you have calculated this, dribble a spot of hot glue on the bottom of the container.

3. Put the wick on the hot glue, letting it cool down for some minutes. If possible, choose a zinc based wick, instead of a cotton one.

4. Then proceed to cutting the gel wax into smaller pieces, then put these into your container and heat it up. It's important to ensure that you heat it at the correct temperature, 200 degrees Fahrenheit being the ideal.

5. Keep heating at the suggested temperature until all the gel wax has melted and has turned into a thick, smooth mixture. If you want to add a touch of color to your candle, now would be the perfect time to add coloring to your gel wax mixture.

6. When adding coloring, ensure not to use type which will make the gel lose the transparency.

7. Now pour a quarter of your chosen essential oil or gel scent to add your unique touch to the candle. If your mixture turns cloudy whilst you are adding the oils and scents, add more wax cubes to the mixture.

8. It is important to ensure that the scents you use are alcohol-free.

9. Preheat the container to around 150 degrees, as this will reduce the presence of any bubbles, which might ruin the effect of your finished candle.

10. Now pour your mixture into the container. Before doing so however, set a level mark on the container, to make sure that the mixture does not pass over it.

11. Now pull the wick up, ensuring that it is centered. Now let your unique candle cool down for around 4 hours. Once it has set, trim the wick to about a quarter of an inch.

I am sure you will agree that these eleven steps to candle making are simple and easy to do. From now on you do not need to purchase scented candles. On the other hand you can easily make you own unique candles. Candling making can be a fun, relaxing and inexpensive hobby.

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